Episode 1 – New to Streaming: The Basics

Sunday Nov 18, 2018- 11am EST

Welcome to our Stream!  Hosted by BasicLala, DesWesMaus, and BadLuckBuddha, we are a group of small streamers who (while researching, modding, and populating personal streams) realized the general lack of information and understanding of the Basics to streaming available online.   Join us while we interview guests and experts on streaming related topics, and learn how to grow within the online streaming community.

Special Shoutouts to:  CB_Project – our special guest talking about personal preferences and how to keep the audience engaged while streaming to low viewer counts.  And Rafellows – creator of the TreeHouseHelper Bot that is being written for our channel!

Part 1 – BasicLala, DesWesMaus, BadLuckBuddha
Topic: Want vs. Need
Laptop, prebuilt PC, or building your own PC.   Financial ability can be a huge factor when making a decision.  While two of us find laptops doable, they will always be limited compared to what you can do with a PC.  While we all WANT the newest and fastest PC builds, in order to get started, the best options out there are not a NEED.  (Stay Tuned for a future podcast outlining specific builds and specs recommended for running streaming software and twitch)

Audio Quality.  Standalone Mics vs headsets.  Can audio quality make or break your stream?  Dependent on the type of stream you are trying to accomplish, our answer is yes.   Artists like BadLuckBuddha that depend on viewer interaction can lose viewers if audio interaction is less than ideal.  Wireless is something everyone wants, however audio quality on available wireless devices in today’s market cannot compare to what can be achieved with a separate mic.

How to Choose Broadcasting Software.  Ease of Use vs. Quality of services.  While the majority of streaming software is free to use, you can pay for additional services, but they are not NEEDS to get yourself and your stream started.
Twitch, YouTube, Mixer,  FB Live, etc.. the platform YOU stream to can be personal preference, however we would all agree that Twitch is the easiest and best platform for someone starting out.
SLOBS, OBS, xSplit, GameShow, etc…   while all software can get you to the same end, the ease at which you can achieve it depends on the software you use.   SLOBS may be one of the most popular software out there because of the options it provides, built in chat, alerts, and donations.  (Stay Tuned for a future podcast comparing these different software options)

Tech Options.  Quality vs Purchase Price.
“Don’t buy anything less than 4 stars” – Buddha.
While you can always get away with purchasing the cheapest option, amazon reviews will be your friend!  Purchasing more expensive tech for the brand name (like theBasicLala does) will always be a WANT rather than a NEED as options for less expensive options will always be available.

Camera – NEED and WANT
The need for a camera will always be determined by the content of your streams.   Creative streamers (like Buddha and Des) rely heavily on multiple source input because of the content they are creating.   In order to provide your viewers with a clear picture, the need for a quality camera will be required. However, if your main focus is on games like theBasicLala, the requirement for a face camera is not there.  It WILL help your stream, as audiences like to know who they are watching (even if you only use a face came for some of your streams), but it is not necessary to start streaming.

GreenScreen – WANT
There will never be an absolute NEED for a greenscreen in order to begin streaming.  However, for those of you who WANT one, affordable options can be found online (amazon) or even as simply as purchasing colour paper from your local dollar store and pasting it on an available wall.

Part 2 – BasicLala, DesWesMaus, BadLuckBuddha
CB_Project is a variety streamer who focuses on having fun!  He is a sports journalist and broadcaster, so being in front of a camera comes easy from him.  When he left the station he decided his hobby of playing video games could be more fun/interactive by streaming on twitch.   While he doesn’t plan on making it big, gaining followers is a bonus.

Topic: Interview with CB_Project
CB started streaming in July on his PS4 via a TV and laptop.  His first purchase was a Blue Yeti microphone, C922 HD 1080p Logitech camera, and an Elgato HD capture card.  These items enabled him to “hit the ground running” when it came to perfecting his stream. The next item he purchased was a simple green screen that attached to the back of his chair.

Advice from CB:  “If you want to be serious about streaming, you need to commit”

Networking. It takes time and effort to build your stream, and networking is key.  Discord can be your friend! SmallStreamerCommunity is a great tool for advice, resources and support when it comes to starting and building your stream.  And deBasicClan is always here to help ;).

Streaming Mistakes.  
1. Thinking that starting to stream will be easy.  CPU power and Internet speed are huge factors when it comes to running your stream and combatting the lag. Monitoring your usage needs to be your first priority when trying to diagnose framerate/BPS drops.  The different programs you have running will affect your CPU and Internet speed, and in turn, the bit rate available for your streaming.
2. Trying to do too many things during your stream.  You need to commit to the game or program you are streaming in order to avoid unnecessary strain on your computer, as well as distraction from your audience that they can find annoying or even disrespectful.
3. Noise gates for background noises.

ShowmanShip. Playing to an audience of one.
Suggestion: Talk to yourself!  You need to understand that just because you are playing a popular game, you may not get the viewers (because of how many people are playing it).
Suggestion: Write down talking points!  Use popular topics trending online, or in the communities you are already a part of.  If there is a topic you know people are passionate about, you can play off of that engagement within your own stream.
Suggestion:  Let viewers know what you are thinking about!  Viewers like to know that you are a real person, and not a fake online personality.
Suggestion:  Build yourself as a Brand!  Do not be afraid to advertise yourself, begging people to watch you stream can become tiresome and annoying, but branding yourself will encourage people to continue to come back to your stream, because they know they can expect good things from you.

Active Chat.  It is important to try and keep your chat active!  How can you keep your viewers interested when you may not have very many watching?  Suggestion:  Comment on your game or activity.   Explain why you doing the things you are doing on your stream or in your game, not all of your viewers will know the game or activity you are streaming, and may find it helpful to understand your reasoning behind making certain decisions.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: “if i stream a game i should narrate my game play, to fill time until someone decides to chat?”.  Yes and No.  Narrating your actions and game play can be beneficial to getting viewers to stay to watch you, however, just narrating things that viewers can already see does not add any character or excitement to your stream.   Viewers can read dialog for themselves, reading it in character voices or answering the dialog has a better chance for audience reaction.
Suggestion:  Pre-list talking points.  CB_Project has set internal timers, if you haven’t said anything for 3 minutes, say something to your viewers!
Suggestion: Make sure you can see the Chat!  You can use your phone if nothing else is available. That way as soon as someone comes in, you are able to interact with them.
Suggestion:  Do NOT rely on the viewer count.  Viewers may come and go, and the viewer count may take time to reflect the actual amount of viewers present.
Suggestion:  Some viewers may Lurk on your stream, and some may not want to be called out.  Do not change your personality to suit individuals present, be you and if they like you, they will stay!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: “What game makes you Rage the most?”.
DesWesMaus-  Left for Dead 2 and Tetris, as fidgeter its hard to stop the unintentional block drops
BadLuckBuddha-  OverWatch.  She plays competitive, and the climb out of bronze is hard!
theBasicLala-  League of Legends.  Salt Salt Salt. Mario Kart on the Original Wii.  People who use cheat codes are just not fair players.
CB_Project –  Sports Games (FIFA)! CB get’s mad when he makes a good play and it gets beaten by some fluke.  Or when other people play unfair characters.

Topic: Questions Asked by Community Members

Where is my Stream Key?
Any broadcasting software that you use, will require a Stream Key.  And a stream key is unique to our channel.
On the right side of your twitch screen you will see a dropdown menu, and in that menu you will want to choose to go to your dashboard.  On the left side of the screen under the Settings heading, click on Channel (Not the Channel found under the Analytics heading, but further down).  And there you will find your stream key. It will be shown in all dots, for your protection. Copy it and paste it into your broadcast software where it prompts you.

Do I Need to Pay for Twitch?
You CAN pay for prime, subscriptions, and bits,  but it is not REQUIRED to pay for twitch in order to stream to it.

Are There Any Perks to Being a Prime Member for Streaming?
Yes, however it is up to you to decide if these perks are worth it for you;
– Twitch prime will allow your saved videos to stay posted for 30 days, rather than the 14days you get with a free account.
– Twitch prime gives you a free subscription to a channel of your choice
– Free loot boxes for certain games
Unless you already have Amazon Prime, or you want Amazon Prime, it may not be worth it for you.

How Do I Host a Channel?
Type /Host (channel name).   This command HAS to be done from you own channel chat, and not in theirs.   You can also set auto-hosts in your setting in you Dashboard. It will appear on the Right-Hand side when you open your Dashboard.

How Do I Raid?
/Raid (channel name).  Also done from your own channel chat, except only done WHILE you are streaming with viewers.   Note: any viewers that are watching you from a multitwitch will not count as a viewer in a raid.  ALSO If you conduct a raid, and viewers are watching you on multitwitch, they will stay on your stream (instead of transitioning to the new channel) and they will still be able see you until you cut your stream or transition to an end screen.

Multitwitch.tv.   When viewing multiple streams in individual browser tabs, you will ONLY count as a viewer in the tab that is active.  In order to count as a viewer in up to 10 different streams, you will want to use multitwitch. Multitwitch will bring up multiple streams on one page, all muted, and with the ability to view all chats.

When Do I Raid?
To Raid or Not to Raid, when should you raid?
If your stream is doing really well, people are active and having fun, but you are coming to the end of your scheduled stream, there are a few questions you should ask:  1. Is this a person you like/want to host? 2. Are they playing something that your viewers will want to watch? 3. If I raid to this person, how would it help them and how will it help my own channel?   4. If you are going to raid someone who has tons of viewers, is it going to make that much of a difference, and do you think it will make them want to raid you back?
If a channel you want to raid has a ton of viewers, it will not have as much of an impact compared to raiding a smaller channel that will notice you and maybe want to raid you back next time!
A raid is like tagging someone on Social Media.
If you are not sure who to raid, do not be afraid to ask your chat/viewers if they have someone they would like to raid.  If your viewers are passionate about the streamer, they can aid in getting the rest of your viewers hyped to get in on the raid.

What Makes a Good Mod?
Having a good mod on your stream can be an asset in many different ways.  It takes the stress off of you as the streamer to pay so much attention to the chat (if it gets too busy and full of trolls).  Someone you trust to keep the integrity of the stream is key. Building a working relationship with your mod, creating bot commands together, and pre-discussing stream topics are all ways you can be prepared.
CB_Project is looking for a Mod!  (Apply Now)
Don’t be afraid to consider and ask someone who is always active in your chat, if they are there for you often and you enjoy their presence, they might like having more of a role in your channel.

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